Pyungki Kim President & CEO
“There is familiarity in the unfamiliar because I believe in the power of accrued experience,” were the first thoughts of Pyungki Kim upon his appointment as CEO of Prain Global on October 11th 2023.

After graduating from Kyunggi High School and Sogang University with a degree in French literature, he developed and finessed excellent work social etiquette and management skills during the first seven years of his career at Hyundai Marine & Fire Insurance in Maritime Affairs Department.

From 2002, during his tenure at Sportizen, a domestic sports marketing company, his responsibilities spanned across diverse roles such as planning and executing golf tournaments, managing golf players, overseeing sports media operations, and handling tennis-related business affairs.

He then established his own E-sports business team at Sportizen, where he rode the highs and lows of expanding and fortifying the team together with more than 500 colleagues.

His appointment as CEO of Sportizen in May 2020, followed by the merger with Prain Global in June 2021, proved to be the impetus for significant external growth and substantive improvements within the company. As a result, Sportizen is set to achieve its highest annual sales in the history of the company.
Looking ahead, Prain Global is committed to distinguishing itself to clients as a vital ‘all-round partner' by maximizing the 23 years of accumulated intellectual capital that encompasses a globally unique and unrivalled integration of multiple sectors including public relations, marketing, entertainment and sports.

Pyungki Kim describes his new role as a orchestra conductor internally, a diplomat externally, and an indomitable salesperson.

His blood already running the Prain orange, he pledges to empty his mind and run at his own pace.