Prain Global Acquires Lifestyle Brand ‘Saenghwaldogam’ to Accelerate Business Synergy


South Korea-based leading PR firm Prain Global (CEO Jun-young Yeo & Deok-hee Kim) announced on April 11 that it has completed the acquisition of premium lifestyle brand Saenghwaldogam (CEO Chang-hyeok Lee) to diversify Prain Global’s business and create a business synergy between its existing operations and Saenghwaldogam’s offerings. 

Saenghwaldogam, established in 2017 and formerly a subsidiary of beauty brand Missha Able C&C, specializes in health-themed lifestyle products that promote wellness in people’s daily lives. Through the acquirement of Saenghwaldogam, Prain Global is expected to strengthen its business portfolio by combining consumer needs with market trends, venturing into lifestyle product distribution with a strong focus on PR and marketing services.

Saenghwaldogam’s flagship product, SUMSEI Air Shower Body Blower, has gained wide popularity among pregnant women and mothers, with an increasing demand by individuals seeking unique gifts for baby showers and housewarming events. The product has been supplied to several major hotels and golf clubs in Korea, elevating guest experience.

Additionally, Saenghwaldogam recently launched a cultural space project, SUMSEI Terrarium. Located near Seoul Forest in Seongdong-gu, Seoul, SUMSEI Terrarium is a cultural space of virtual nature recreation, navigating visitors through soil, trees, water, stones and wind, all the way from the underground level to the rooftop. The eco-friendly exhibition space has attracted a number of guests in the MZ generation and is in talks for potential collaboration with leading artists and businesses.

As the ninth-ranked PR firm in Asia and the top firm in Korea according to Provoke 2022, Prain Global boasts over 20 years of expertise. In 2021, the company expanded its presence in various business sectors by acquiring the sports agency business unit of sports marketing firm Sportizen, and working with affiliates including entertainment management business Prain TPC and PR strategy powerhouse Prain & Rhee.

The acquisition of Saenghwaldogam represents a strategic move for Prain Global to diversify its business and create synergies with its existing PR operations. With 23 years of PR expertise, the company will provide effective solutions to meet clients’ needs, leveraging Saenghwaldogam’s experience in customer communication and its reputation for delivering premium lifestyle products. 

Prain is also seeking to maximize synergies by utilizing the strengths of its affiliates – for instance, Sportizen will partner with sports event organizers, customers and players to extend Saenghwaldogam’s premium experience to more people. By creating integrated solutions with its iffiliates, Prain Global aims to offer sophisticated services to customers and develop a space where customers can explore lifestyle products and brands beyond the traditional communication platform.

“With the acquisition of B2C business Saenghwaldogam, Prain Global now has greater potential to expand its business,” said Deok-hee Kim, CEO of Prain Global. “We will deliver more sophisticated premium services to our customers, creating integrated solutions with our affiliates. We will expand and develop a space where customers can explore lifestyle products and brands, going beyond the existing approach which uses a communication platform as the consumer contact point.”