Alleyway Gwanggyo Launching Communications
PERIOD January 2018 ~ June 2019

Neo Value, a property developer, paid attention to recurrent problem of malls; shutting down not long after the store was rented. The Alleyway Gwanggyo was to be born in May 2019, reflecting the values of Neo Value pursuing “the space to revitalize the business district”. The Alleyway Gwanggyo had some challenges before it opened: low awareness, distrust of the tenants and establishment of its own identity. To overcome the challenges, Prain Global defined the Alleyway Gwanggyo as a “cultural alleyway in our neighborhood” and solidified reliability through a magazine and interview video clips solely for the tenants.

Prain Global also developed the keyword “Local Mark” to differentiate the Alleyway Gwanggyo as a “curationed shopping mall for locals”. As a result, the Alleyway Gwanggyo successfully attracted anchor tenants such as Our Bakery and Book Power Plant, and has emerged such a hot place in Gwanggyo that it attracted about 20,000 visitors to the Welcoming Festival on the opening day and was turned into a space beloved by locals.