The Ministry of Strategy and Finance, Promotion of 2020 Budget Plan
PERIOD August 2019 ~ December 2019

Every year, the Government of Korea announces the national budget for the following year. The taxpayers do not know how the budget is planned and executed, and have no kin interest in that. The “Comprehensive PR on 2020 Budget” project was carried out in order to raise public interests in the national budget for the fiscal year of 2020. To achieve the goal, promotional contents had to be designed easy to be understood and delivered effectively via different channels optimized for people of different ages.

A variety of promotional methods were planned, ranging from printed materials to online viral marketing: leaflets, homepages, card news, infographics, videos and offline events. To be more informative to the younger generations nonchalant about the government affairs, the contents had to be developed using topics and contexts appealing to them. A video clip on the budget plan and policies for youth was created utilizing interviews of young part-time workers in the Walkman, a popular YouTube channel.