Zespri Digital PR
PERIOD Mar 2021 ~ Present

We have been a PR partner to premium kiwi brand Zespri since 2021.

Our PR activities in the first year connected two parts organically: “Sinaricious (meaning exciting and fresh)” campaign met with sensational reactions while our social media channel marketing highlighted the emotional tone and manner as well as Zespri’s character play.
We focused on engaging with influencers across health care, fitness and child care for story telling which highlights how Zespri can promote healthy lifestyle as one of everyday fruits.

In particular, the two episodes of “Sinaricious” YouTube content released in April 2021 resulted in 110,000 and 70,000 views, respectively, attracting viewers organically. The official video also earned 4,6 million views as people continue to leave a post on the video released two years ago.
Our Zespri campaign was also covered by “Careet,” a magazine widely read among generation MZ, as a good example of a character marketing which can get more generation MZ people to click on ads (https://www.careet.net/393).

We will continue to lead this strategic digital campaign, hoping the day will come when young people say “Sinaricious” instead of “Sinanda (exciting).”