#Topokki & Malibu Pop-up Store
PERIOD Sep 2021 ~ Nov 2021

“Topokki & Malibu with HCS” is a fascinating combination of Koreans’ favorite spicy snack food “topokki” and fresh and sweet “Malicool”

Pernod Ricard Korea’s coconut flavored rum liqueur “MALIBU” has collaborated with topokki brand “Happy Cheese Smile” to launch a special menu “Topokki & Malibu with HCS,” and opened a Happy Cheese Smile pop-up store for a limited period of time to share the fascinating harmony of the liqueur and Koreans’ popular snack food with young-generation consumers.

As a part of the “Topokki & Malibu” campaign which has been led by MALIBU since 2020, the “Topokki & Malibu with HCS” invites consumers to enjoy the tantalizing “spicy and sweet” taste created by spicy topokki and sweet MALIBU through a collaboration with “Happy Cheese Smile,” an emerging topokki brand loved by generation MZ.

At the Happy Cheese Smile pop-up store launched in Yeonnam-dong, Seoul, we held a promotional event with the concept of fascinating combination of topokki and MALIBU, inviting people to eat, drink and have fun at the store. The event, designed to offer special menus to visitors, included Topokki MBTI in which visitors were served with recommended topokki menu and Malicool recipe based on the results of a simple test; and MALIBU Bar in which a seasoned bartender prepared a Malicool cocktail for visitors. In addition, Mirror Photo Zone further created mood for fun with trendy illustrative reinterpretations of topokki and MALIBU.