PERIOD 2021-03 ~ 2022-12

What could a Korean pharmaceutical company do to help the medical minorities in Indonesia? In Indonesia, people with disabilities face a wide range of barriers to access healthcare service, including medical treatment and assistive technologies. 42% of Indonesians with disabilities were reported to have difficulty using medical services. In particular, people with developmental disabilities who lack communication skills often do not receive proper treatment in time because they cannot explain their symptoms to their guardians and medical staff. Even the minor symptoms, such as runny nose and stomachache, can be difficult for them to explain accurately.

Ideas and solutions that help disabled people easily communicate their symptoms to parents and medical staff make a meaningful starting point for addressing barriers that restrain them from accessing medical care and therapy. Daewoong Pharmaceutical created ‘Say Pain!’ picture book to help disabled people express their symptoms easily to their parents and medical staff through pictures and graphics. ‘Say Pain!’ picture book, an AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication) book that helps disabled people communicate when they are sick, was distributed to educational institutions for the developmentally disabled in Indonesia.

Prain Global and Daewoong Pharmaceutical launched the ‘Say Pain!’ campaign with Indonesian university students to promote the usefulness and expand the use of AAC picture books, which help people with developmental disabilities communicate easily with medical staff when they are sick. This campaign contributed to the use of AAC picture books for disabled people who lack communication skills to receive adequate medical care.